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  • Autumn Abstract

    Autumn 60x60cm Detail

  • Dreaming Abstract

    Dreaming Detail

  • Ebb & Flow 3 Abstract

    Ebb & Flow 2 Detail

  • Ebb & Flow 5 Abstract

    Ebb & Flow 5 Detail

  • Evening Abstract

    Evening Detail

  • Reflections 10x10 inch Abstract

    Reflections 10"x10" Detail

  • Reflections 40x80cm Abstract

    Reflections 40x80cm Detail

  • Reflections 90x90cm Abstract

    Reflections 90x90cm Detail

  • Spring Reflections 80x80cm Abstract

    Spring Reflections 80x80cm Detail

  • Summer Surf Abstract

    Summer Surf Detail

  • Surf Abstract

    Surf Detail

  • Urban Construct Abstract

    Urban Construct Detail

  • Winter Beach Abstract

    Winter Beach Detail

Alexandra Dickens
“Since my first exhibition in New York in the early 1980s, my distinctly original, vibrant abstracts and coastal paintings have been shown in US and UK galleries, until 1995 when I moved to Cornwall and established my own gallery in St Ives.

Living in St Ives it is impossible not to be inspired by the unique, ever-changing light, incredible colours and textures of this rugged landscape. In my Coastal Paintings I try to evoke the essence of Cornwall throughout the seasons, from the silvery grey skies and dramatic seas of winter to the clear blue, cloudless horizons of summer. My love of colour and movement and my enduring passion for painting inform all my Abstract Paintings which are energetically gestural, completely absorbing and undeniably satisfying to paint.

My paintings are often vibrantly colourful or richly textural but are always utterly joyful. Without pretence they clearly celebrate and express my inexhaustible enthusiasm for painting and what living and working in this incredible place means to me.

All art requires an audience so I hope you enjoy my work. If you would like to get in touch via the Contact page I would be delighted to hear your views and happy to answer any inquiries you may have”.

All best wishes,
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