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  • Autumn Abstract

    Autumn 60x60cm Detail

  • Dreaming Abstract

    Dreaming Detail

  • Ebb & Flow 3 Abstract

    Ebb & Flow 2 Detail

  • Ebb & Flow 5 Abstract

    Ebb & Flow 5 Detail

  • Evening Abstract

    Evening Detail

  • Reflections 10x10 inch Abstract

    Reflections 10"x10" Detail

  • Reflections 40x80cm Abstract

    Reflections 40x80cm Detail

  • Reflections 90x90cm Abstract

    Reflections 90x90cm Detail

  • Spring Reflections 80x80cm Abstract

    Spring Reflections 80x80cm Detail

  • Summer Surf Abstract

    Summer Surf Detail

  • Surf Abstract

    Surf Detail

  • Urban Construct Abstract

    Urban Construct Detail

  • Winter Beach Abstract

    Winter Beach Detail

Alexandra Dickens
“This year, my 20th in St Ives, I feel more artistically vital than ever. My paintings are abstractions and elements of reflected light, vibrant energy and raw emotion. I paint from the heart and my new work is a culmination of more than thirty years experimentation and artistic creativity. As ever, the one overriding and continuous element of all my work is my insatiable passion for painting.

“Instinctive and impulsive, there are no limitations or rules in my work. I just paint what I want to paint and how I want to paint it. The vivacity with which I work is also completely unrestrained so that when I paint I am utterly absorbed, completely lost in the process, allowing the paint and the movement to totally take over.

“Whether I am painting sweeping skies or shimmering horizons evoking the coastal light of St Ives or an abstract arising from an element of landscape the incredible diversity of the Cornish coastline continually feeds into my work. Colour and texture are also vitally important so I apply layer upon layer of paint, perhaps combining it with raw pigment or other mediums to create depth and intensity.

“I am compelled to paint and always try to challenge myself to push artistic boundaries. Working immersed in loud music allows my creative instincts to take over, giving me complete freedom of expression. My passion for painting compels me to paint and it is this authenticity and originality in my work viewers often respond to.”
alexandra dickens artist
“Over the years I have undertaken many unique painting commissions for private and corporate clients. Commissions are always exhilarating for me to paint and also a bit of an adventure for collectors new to commissioning artwork. As well as creating unique paintings for client’s homes, I have produced original collections for hotels, boardrooms, restaurants and even 150 paintings for the Excel Conference Centre in London. The faith my corporate and private clients place in me as an artist when they commission a painting is an honour I do not take lightly. So whether a client needs a single painting or a complete cohesive collection every canvas is handmade to order and painted individually to meet each client’s exact and specific requirements.

“It has always been my belief that art does not have to be pretentious or full of hidden meaning, which needs an explanation, it merely has to delight the viewer.”

“Please get in touch if you would like a catalogue of currently available work.”

All best wishes,
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