The Artist

  • My innate passion for painting has prevailed and feels stronger and more irrestistible than ever. My love for creating authentic...

    My innate passion for painting has prevailed and feels stronger and more irrestistible than ever. My love for creating authentic original artworks is just so intense and vital to my existences than I thought possible.


    It was heartbreaking to close my gallery last year but it has turned out to be wonderfully liberating. This freedom has led me to experimenting afresh and taking greater artistic risks which has also slowed my painting process.


    My new coastal paintings have an etherial and sensual quality to them. This is achieved by building up many layers of paint, some of which are so fine they are barely there but they create light and depth. It is as if you can see into these calm and radiant paintings.


    As unrestrained as ever my abstract paintings are produced with a profound energetic expressionism. They are dynamic and luminous paintings full of complexity and texture. I lose myself in my painting and at the same time find myself.


    I am so excited to share my recent work with you on my new website and in person at my home studio which you are very welcome to visit anytime.




    About the artist

    The creative process is the only thing that truly makes sense to me. It is like having a great friend walk beside you through life.


    Do you come from a creative family?

    My mother used to pick up old pattern books and then create her own patterns for clothes we liked. She once made me a stunning reversible cape and I was stopped several times by people wanting to know where I bought it.


    My creativity definitely comes from my mother but sadly she didn’t live long enough to see my success.


    Do you have a career highlight?

    The greatest compliment is when collectors have lived with my work in their homes and then come back to me for another painting. Commissions can be quite creatively challenging so when a collector of my work is happy, that is always a highlight too. Painting so many huge pieces for the London Excel Centre was incredible. Perhaps what I am trying to say, if it doesn’t sound too crass, is that I love what I do and just being creative in my studio is a highlight.


    Do you have a guilty pleasure?

    TV. I am bereft because The Big Bang Theory has finished, I love watching Gogglebox.


    Do you listen to music when you paint?

    Yes and it often informs how I paint. If I’m in a quiet mood it will be something peaceful like Ludovico Einaudi or Buddha Bar. If I am feeling more energetic it might be Sia or disco. I love to dance while I work.


    What would you be if you weren’t an artist?

    At school I loved physics and maths because they are logical.  Creative writing and photography are also passions of mine, along with eating great food.  I’ve run restaurants and written two unpublished novels. So who knows what I might have been. Is anybody ever just one thing?