The Artist

"As a fashion model I strutted the catwalks of London and New York , then I ran a number of restaurants and travelled a great deal, before moving to St Ives Cornwall in 1995 and opening my own studio gallery. My first exhibition was when I was living in New York in the early 1980s and, forty years on, my love for creating authentic original artwork remains as intense and vital as ever. Spending time doing what I love is always exhilarating and I am mindful of how lucky I am to be able to make art. 


I paint mainly in acrylic as it gives me a short drying time, which I can use to my advantage, overlaying colours, building up layers and scraping paint back, creating texture as I work. Over the years my work has evolved my seascape paintings have become more etherial and sensual, evoking a sense of place not a depiction of it, distilling the essence of landscape and weather allowing the viewer to feel raw irrepressible nature. For me the aim is to create something, authentic and original, a thing of beauty. Not something that is pretentious and full of hidden meaning but something the viewer can live with and enjoy. 

My client base now stretches around the globe and over the years I have undertaken many individual and corporate commissions.


Exhibitions Include

Courlander Gallery, Richmond Surrey

Taurus Gallery, Oxford 

Lander Gallery, Truro

Gallery One0two, London

Art Life, Devon

Nicholas Hagen Fine Art, London

Sanmar Gallery, USA

Lennox Gallery, London 

Modern Artists Gallery, Whitchurch on Thames

Kennedy Gallery, Provincetown USA

Galerie Pelar, New York, USA 

Wills Art Warehouse, London

Croft Wingates, Market Harborough

Big Wide Bay, Tavistock

The Westbourne Gallery, London

The 28th Street Gallery, New York


Corporate Commissions Include

Brooks and Jeal, Wadebridge (5 paintings for boardroom and offices)

Gonwin Manor, Carbis Bay (37 paintings for 6 holiday cottages)

Risk Analysis, London (6 paintings for boardroom and offices)

Lovell, London (triptych for reception area)

Browns Wine Bar and Bistro, Sidmouth (3 large paintings for the restaurant)

The Zone Hotel, Newquay (triptych for the restaurant)

Pooleys Chartered Accountants, Truro (9 paintings for boardroom and offices)

Excel Centre, London (150 paintings up to 6'x6' for the conference rooms)

Porthmeor Beach Café St Ives Cornwall (8 paintings 8'x8')

TNA Europe, Birmingham (70 paintings from up to 12'x5')

  • Interview Q Do you come from a creative family? My mother collected old pattern books and by studying the pictures...


    Q Do you come from a creative family?

    My mother collected old pattern books and by studying the pictures was able to create her own patterns using newspaper. She made some stunning clothes but the one thing that stands out for me was an amazing reversible cape. Everytime I wore it I would be stopped and asked where I had bought it. So, yes, my creativity definitely comes from my mother but sadly she didn’t live long enough to see my success.

    Q What are your career highlights?

    The creative process is the only thing that truly makes sense to me. It is like having a best friend walk beside you through life. The greatest compliment is when collectors have lived with my work in their homes and then come back to me for another painting. Commissions can be quite challenging so when I manage to balance the needs of my client and satiisfy my own creativity for the piece it is extreamly rewarding. Painting so many large pieces for the London Excel Centre was incredibly satifying. Perhaps what I am trying to say, if it doesn’t sound too crass, is that I love what I do and just being able to spend time doing what I love to do is the highlight. 

    Q Do you have a guilty pleasure?

    TV. I watch a lot of TV documentries about all sorts of things, archaeology, antropology, psycology and I'm facinated by programs showing how things are made. 

    Q Do you listen to music when you paint?

    Yes I do and it often informs how I paint. If I’m in a quiet mood it will be something peaceful like Ludovico Einaudi or Buddha Bar. If I am feeling more energetic it might be George Micheal or Sia something I can dance to while I work. 

    Q What would you be if you weren’t an artist?

    At school I loved physics and maths because they are logical. Creative writing and photography are also passions of mine, along with eating in fine dinning restaurants. In the past I have managed restaurants and written two unpublished novels. So who knows what I might have been. Is anybody ever just one thing?