Private Home London

"I first came across Alex's work whilst wandering the streets of St Ives. I popped into the gallery and fell instantly for a landscape painting called Deviation. There was something about the depth that the artist achieved through the paint and the emotive quality of the light that pulled me in. I purchased the painting right there. Since then I have kept a keen eye on the website and when I visited the gallery in November bought my second painting - Reflections. I'd had my eye on it for some months online but wanted to see it up close before making a decision. The decision was easy as the painting was everything I expected from the images online and more. The website proved to be an extremely reliable representation of the painting. Both paintings are mounted in my home in London and with every day that I consider them, I see something new within the layers of paint and texture that Alex has created. Best Wishes, Ciaran".
June 26, 2015